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BT60 assistants for quadriplegics

BT60 assistants for quadriplegics

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Can a civil conscience be designed? What tools could lead to a new civic education? And why is simplification a problem?

Thus begins BT60 assistants for quadriplegics, the Industrial Design Degree by Nicolò Tamagnini.

Nicolò is a rider and a close friend of Bryan Toccaceli. “As soon as Bryan got hurt, I immediately thought about how to help him concretely – explains Nicolò – I realized that there was a problem of privacy. He needs to be able to do something on his own, without being helped by others or having to resort to voice commands. So, I thought of designing an aid that would allow him to write, take small objects and even paint. All in total autonomy. I was inspired, as an idea, to a trunk and I made a mask. Then there are a mobile phone holder and a tool holder attached to the wheelchair. To attach a tool, just approach with your own mask and, with the help of a magnet, the tool takes its position “.

The name could only be BT60.

“For me, it has an important meaning. I dedicated my graduation report to Bryan and I hope this aid can really help him ” Is it already available? “At the moment it is a prototype. It’s in an experimental phase and still to be developed at its best. The goal is to be able to carry it out and provide it to all the paraplegics who want it “.

What are the points for strength?

“The BT60 mask is designed so that it can be modeled on the face of each person. It is light, has a comfortable design and does not cause any disturbance once worn. This aid is also economical. I calculated a price of around 100 euros each for a production of 1000 pieces. It would cost much less than the other tetraplegic aids. As already mentioned, it respects privacy, is multifunctional and could really improve the lives of those who face many difficulties every day “.