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Republic of San Marino – Rallylegend 2021 firmament

Republic of San Marino – Rallylegend 2021 firmament

Republic of San Marino. Two weeks ahead of the most highly anticipated event of the year and the organisers of Rallylegend continue to add to list of big names set to attend the San Marino event, taking place on 7-10 October.

Two-time world rally champion Miki Biasion will line up with an exclusive car, brand new to him, or rather the Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC, so the “Plus” as it is known, a main player in the World Rally championship. The car will mount Michelin tyres and be Eberhard & Co. branded, Swiss watch manufacturer Maison, with more than 130 years of history, which since 2016 has the Bassano champion as its Brand Ambassador. Eberhard & Co. thus renews its participation in Rallylegend, acting as Partner and Official Timekeeper for the ninth consecutive year, together with Miki Biasion, who will meet the fans at Rallylegend, inside the Eberhard & Co. area, during a special autograph session.

The  World Rally theme continues with the return of Irish driver Craig Breen, one of the stars of World Rally and a key figure on the 2022 drivers’ market.  As he waits to finalise his future WRC plans, Breen – second in Estonia and Belgium and fourth in the icy Arctic Rally this year – will line up at Rallylegend, an event he immediately fell in love with, with a World Rally Car from the 90s.

The fans are also excited about the return of Gigi Galli. The last Italian driver to wear an official ‘uniform’ in World Rally, he scored some significant results, including podiums at the 2006 Argentinian rally and 2008 Swedish rally. Galli is ready to thrill spectators in the special stage at the wheel of the powerful rallycross Kia Rio RX, perfectly suited to both the rally tracks and his spectacular driving style.

Franco Cunico is back with the Subaru Impreza WRC. In addition to a long list of Italian titles, Cunico also proved to be a winner in World Rally. One unforgettable achievement was his victory, with a private team, in the 1993 Sanremo World rally with the Ford Escort Cosworth, which made him only the second Italian driver, after Tony Fassina, to win a world race with a non-factory car. And Tony Fassina, with that unique white Lancia Stratos, will be another of the special guests at Rallylegend 2021. A European (1982) and Italian championship winner (1976, 1979 and 1981), he’ll be firing up the powerful Ferrari engine of the “bête à gagner” with which he won the Sanremo world rally in 1979, beating so many factory drivers in the process.

Rallylegend 2021 also offers the excitement of seeing Maurizio Verini, one of the big names of the 70s, back behind the wheel of the Fiat 124 Abarth with which he won the 1975 European Rally Championship, one of the most important international series of its day. After a long and careful restoration process on the part of its passionate owner, with the work taking almost ten years, Verini is now tasked with piloting the “rally spider” during a special stage at Rallylegend …


Created as part of a unique Best Engineering project, the group A Subaru Impreza will soon compete in modern rallies and become a secret weapon in historic rallies.

Based on its experience of racing ex-factory group A Impreza cars, Best Engineering now brings its extraordinary project to Rallylegend. The goal? To build the fastest group A Subaru Impreza of all time, a challenge that began already several months ago. It is not a replica of the cars built almost thirty years ago by the official manufacturer, but a “Continuation Car”, or rather the reconstruction of a car that faithfully replicates the original criteria and characteristics, but with the improvements that today’s technology and regulations offer. The vehicle will be tested and fine-tuned on the road by two expert drivers, namely Piero Liatti, also in attendance at Rallylegend, and Franco Cunico. Visitors to Rallylegend will be able to admire the bodywork of the number 1 car and all of its parts, rigorously numbered, from the engine to the gearbox to the suspension, even the electric system. A world exclusive and something akin to a treasure chest for enthusiasts.