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MotoGP : global audiences sustain 20% growth

MotoGP : global audiences sustain 20% growth

As MotoGP heads into an action-packed, pivotal part of the season across Asia and Oceania, the broadcast audience and attendance figures for the first 12 Grands Prix of 2023 are in – and they make for excellent reading once again. The upward trend from the very first events of 2023 has only continued, with weekend television audiences maintaining a more than 20% increase on 2022. 
The Tissot Sprint had a notable impact when it landed, not only increasing Saturday figures but also proving a driving force behind augmented audiences on Sunday and overall.

That trend has only continued: the impressive 51% increase in audiences on Saturday has been maintained throughout the first 12 Grands Prix. 

Sunday figures also retain a strong average increase on the same races in 2022. In key markets, the weekend broadcast audience has increased for every single one of the first 12 Grands Prix of 2023.
In the grandstands, crowd numbers also continue to impress. After the huge challenge posed by the Covid-19 pandemic for sporting properties across the globe, MotoGP™ attendance has not only recovered by 2023, but has also increased on 2019. 
The surge in weekend attendance between 2022 and the first 12 Grands Prix of 2023 is even more notable. Of the 11 Grands Prix for which data is available, all but one saw a significant increase in attendance, with highlights of more than 80% and 60% for some events. Nearly half are up by more than 30%.  

For its part, the headline-grabbing all-time record attendance set at Le Mans, where nearly 280,000 fans flocked to the venue across the weekend, was a 23.9% increase on 2022 – and that prefaced another record. Just a few weeks later, the German GP was once again the highest-attended sporting event in Germany, but this year it made a little more history with an all-time record crowd for MotoGP at the Sachsenring. Nearly a quarter of a million people attended across the weekend, throwing down the gauntlet to see which venue can repeat the feat in 2024.

The total fans who have come to see MotoGP trackside during the first half of 2023 is an all-time record for the sport too, with the available data showing more than 1.6 million spectators had flocked through the gates by the half way point.

Now we’re heading across Asia and Oceania in a stunning crescendo to the 2023 season, with millions of fans waiting to welcome MotoGP to some of its biggest and fastest-growing markets. Make sure to tune in for more as the world’s most exciting sport continues to break records – on and off track!