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West will be at the start of the next Superbike Brasil

West will be at the start of the next Superbike Brasil

The troubled battle between Anthony West and FIM seems to have no end. West does not want to give up and the story today has been enriched by a new twist: ‘Ant’ will be at the start of the next Superbike Brasil
stage on the Goiania circuit.

Below is what the Australian driver wrote about his social channels.

“I can’t keep a secret in the motorsport world. I didn’t want anyone to know that I will be running the next Brazilian superbike race. But the league press has decided to make it public, so here I am. After seeing the
extent to which the FIM has committed itself to destroying my life, I had made a post saying that I would never come back into motion
. When I found out that FIM contacted Kawasaki Japan to get my sponsorship
so I couldn’t race in Brazil, I was really tired of the sport. But it’s been a few weeks, so I’ll be doing the next race just to get revenge on FIM. I know they will hate to see me ride my bike again.

I don’t know why they hate me so much but they do it and I spare with my passion for racing. The next race I will use the sponsorship money of FUSPORTS BOOT and that of a generous Australian named Graeme Cavanagh. Their money will be used for fuel, tires, etc. The new unbranded bike will be painted completely in black.

The championship welcomes me again with open arms, so I don’t see how FIM can stop me this time. Although I’m sure they will try again in some way. The Brazilian superbike championship has no affiliation with the FIM, so they have no way of interfering with me. But for some reason they are personally committed to keeping me from running. Among other things, they even tried to stop me to attend the Australian sbk race this year in South Australia. Then at Easter I planned to do a day on the track at Wakefield Park in Sydney, Australia.

FIM told the track owners if they would let me drive. Another time in Melbourne they tried to stop me from training on a friend’s bike. And since I went to Brazil they sent letters to my team stating that I can’t run in Brazil, inventing lies to try to stop me.

I can only imagine what lies they told Kawasaki Japan to withdraw my sponsorship. So this is the gist of what’s happening. Now I’m in America while working as a truck driver driving a Harley Davison. I have already done 13,500 km and I still have 4000 km of driving to do before taking a plane back to Brazil for this race. So I will not be in shape but I will run. After that I could do the further races if I find a sponsorship.

Now it is better that I go back to driving before FIM finds a way to get me fired from this job. Thank you all for your support “.

Andrea Periccioli