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Takahashi “Toba can become a champion”

Takahashi “Toba can become a champion”

Japan is the home of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers.
However, the last Japanese World Championship was Hiroshi Aoyama who won the world title in the 250 class in 2009 on the Honda of the Scot team.
But something is changing.

Toba won the first round of the Moto 3 World Championship and several drivers emerged. In Italy the MotoZoo Team ranks 6 Japanese riders, bets on a Japanese, Suzuki, also the Squadra Corse Marco Simoncelli 58. He looks at the Rising Sun with renewed interest.

To take stock of Japanese motorcycling we interviewed Yuki Takahashi.

First of all, the best memory of your career?

“I have great memories including the 2 wins in the 250cc world championship, victory in Moto2, and many podium finishes during that period. Also I had a valuable experience in 2009 when I competed in MotoGP”

Are you still competing now?

“Since 2014 I had come back to Japanese Road Race Championship “GP2 Class” (Japanese Moto2 Class) with Moriwaki Racing and from there I became the series champion for 2 years in a row (2014 and 2015) Now competing in the pinnacle of Japanese motorcycle racing the “JSB1000″ Class and also the Suzuka 8 Hours Race”.

Why is it so difficult for Japanese riders become a great champion?

“I think it is because the road to World Championship is getting very narrow in Japan. We will need to improve on training young riders to win constantly, then the popularity will grow, and finally have he possibility to become the world champion and widen the road to the world”.

Do you know Toba?

“Yes of course, since he is my junior colleague in Honda”.

Toba can become a champion?

“Yes, since he won the opening round at Qatar I believe he can become a champion”.

Who are the most promising young Japanese riders?

“I am looking forward to all of the young Japanese riders competing in top level of both inside Japan and the world”.