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Fan Club Celestino Vietti Ramus # 13

Fan Club Celestino Vietti Ramus # 13

Celestino Vietti-Ramus is one of the most promising youngsters on the international scene. On the social networks the Fan Club Celestino Vietti Ramus # 13 is active.

We have already presented the Bezzecchi Club. Now we introduce you to that of Vietti which at the moment is only on a social level. The administrator and promoter is Massimo Chierichetti, a speaker known to all as Fily and a friend of the Vietti family.

Massimo, introduce us the Fan Club Celestino Vietti Ramus # 13.
“The Fans club was born as a social page and is present on Facebook and Instagram. An Official Fan Club has not yet been replaced but Celestino fans can contact us easily, we are very pleased. In agreement with Celestino and his family, we considered it premature to do something more. Vietti is 17, is in his first season in the World Cup and we want to go step by step, take one step at a time. Celestino is very attached to his land, to Piemonte and as soon as he can he returns to Turin. His friends will probably organize coaches to go to the races but they will be individual, isolated initiatives organized by his close friends ”.

It’s right to take one step at a time, it’s a very wise choice …

“Celestino is a hard working guy, he is very committed, he is very serious. I’ve known him since he was a child. On the team they nicknamed him “Mr. Why” since he always wants to know, to go into each topic. From January he lives in Tavullia and trains with the VR46. Its goal is to do well, simply to do well, without claims or flights of fancy ”.